"a fresh take on the blues based rock 'n' roll." 

- David Hood,

"high-energy, soulful band..." "a mixture of soul, blues and classic rock sounds.." "...a good mix between Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers Band" "...a good, loud, rock 'n' roll show"                                                                                                    

-The DM Online

"...passion-infused music, soaring vocals" "...high flying vocals and an ample dose of Americana"                 

-Franklin Homepage

"...up-and-coming Southern rock band" "...quickly gaining regional and national recognition and are considered the 'band to watch' by many music executives" "these guys are destined to become rock stars..."

-Alabama Tourism Department

"...this year's little unknown treasure..." 

-Shockwave Magazine

"they're bringing back the kind of rock 'n' roll that no one plays anymore." "...a resurrection of Southern blues rock..."                                  

-The Natchez Democrat

"...rock n' roll revitalized."                           

-Antique Archaeology

"...a sound that harkens back to a southern style of rock 'n' roll that the group aims to resurrect."                                                                        

-The Natchez Democrat

"...wants to restore the way to do more authentic music."  

-Brentwood Homepage

"...imbued with a thorough knowledge of the sounds and soul that make up the Americana Music Triangle."                                                            

-Quad Cities Daily