"Anyone can cite the Muscle Shoals sound as an influence, but few acts can actually pull off making music worthy of such a claim. Nashville band Bishop Gunn is one of those acts... The resulting music is the perfect blend of Nashville and the Shoals, and is the rare album that builds upon its influences rather than resorting to outright mimicry."

Rolling Stone

"Do yourself a favor. Buy [Natchez], then blast it...You'll be glad you did." 


"spectacular debut..." "...the kind of rock and roll that makes fans reach for the volume, and turn it up loud." 

Go See Live Music

"a fresh take on the blues based rock 'n' roll." 

- David Hood,

"high-energy, soulful band..." "a mixture of soul, blues and classic rock sounds.." "...a good mix between Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers Band" "...a good, loud, rock 'n' roll show"                                                                                                    

-The DM Online

"...passion-infused music, soaring vocals" "...high flying vocals and an ample dose of Americana"                 

-Franklin Homepage

"...up-and-coming Southern rock band" "...quickly gaining regional and national recognition and are considered the 'band to watch' by many music executives" "these guys are destined to become rock stars..."

-Alabama Tourism Department

"...this year's little unknown treasure..." 

-Shockwave Magazine

"they're bringing back the kind of rock 'n' roll that no one plays anymore." "...a resurrection of Southern blues rock..."                                  

-The Natchez Democrat

"...rock n' roll revitalized."                           

-Antique Archaeology

"...a sound that harkens back to a southern style of rock 'n' roll that the group aims to resurrect."                                                                        

-The Natchez Democrat

"...wants to restore the way to do more authentic music."  

-Brentwood Homepage

"...imbued with a thorough knowledge of the sounds and soul that make up the Americana Music Triangle."                                                            

-Quad Cities Daily